Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 567

Wiggle and Sir H have been enjoying the snow again today. This morning Wiggle wanted to play ball when we went out for our walk, giving me The Look:

Waiting for the ball:

Sir H enjoyed some quality time, rolling around in the snow:

Thank goodness for his fleece to keep him warm!

This evening, I was home from work earlier and once the boys had had their after dinner nap, we went back out into the cold. As it was dark by now, Wiggle's toy of choice was the new glow in the dark flashy ball that was in his Christmas stocking.

Snow on Wiggle's chin!

And the ball was getting covered in snow too!

Sir H rests after rolling, showing off his alien eyes!

And Wiggle had alien eyes too...

Oblivious to the cold, Sir H goes horizontal:

Wiggle has no time to stop, not when its time to play!

After all that fun in the snow, Sir H's fleece is now drying off and Wiggle is sitting on the sofa....

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Baked said...

Hi Wiggle! You & Sir H had fun today - I like the pics of Sir H w/snow on his nose & Wiggle's with snow on his chin. And those alien eyes... Glad you got a new flashy ball in your Christmas stocking to play with!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab