Monday, 4 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 564

Wiggle is no doubt glad to see the Christmas tree gone as it meant his toy basket returned to its former place. While the tree was up, I didn't think Wiggle playing his flingy games was such a good idea, so last night he made up for lost time!

He started off calmly, chewing on his teddy bear:

Then got more boingy:

Bouncing from the rug to his bed and back again, several times until he'd pushed the rug across the room!

Then cooling down, with a chew of teddy's ears.....

1 comment:

Baked said...

Flinging & whapping & boinging about! I love it! You are a dog after a girl's own heart xxx
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab
(sent by telepathy)