Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 587

This evening has not been a good one for the Green Elephant. Clearly green elephant had been VERY bad and needed to be shredded.

Straight after his dinner, Wiggle set to work, ripping apart what was left of the green elephant:

Wiggle tugged and chewed and ripped green elephant into lots of small pieces!

Sofy watched, not taking part in this act of destruction:

A little dark, but here's Wiggle in action:

Sofy and Wiggle looked at the 'death' scene:

Sofy looked innocent, having had no part in this evening's shredding:

While Sir H was on the sofa, having nothing to do with such activities!


Baked said...

I like the little vid with the ripping sounds of bad elephant's demise! He won't be coming back to look down his nose at you again!
Love, Lucy the Lab

Liz said...

Oh poor heffalump - must have done something baaad I think :)

Anonymous said...

We love Sir H what a refined gent he is.