Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 562

Wiggle has had a lot of fun today. He started off by helping me take down the Christmas tree - I put a decoration in the bag, Wiggle went to get it out again! After that, I rescued the tennis balls that had been collecting underneath the television unit which was the cause for much squeaking and excitement for Wiggle, as this little video shows:

After taking Sir H out for a little walk up to the green, Wiggle and I went up to Maude Heath for a walk in the sunshine.

Running around near the monument:

Wiggle was in a very energetic mood, running and chasing his ball:

We walked on, across the fields, Wiggle still running with his ball:

Ready to catch the ball:

Got it!!

Low-level catching:




Watching the ball:

Quick rest with a lovely view in the background:

Rest over, back to chasing the ball:

Wiggle and the frosty ground:

Wiggle clearly had heaps of energy, hardly stopping and instead enjoying playing fetch as we walked:

Sunshine always makes taking photo's of handsome Wiggle so much easier!

Of course Wiggle doesn't care about photo's and just wants to play!

After a while, we turned around, walking back along the way we'd come, Wiggle was still running with his ball:

Wiggle, keeping his eyes on the ball:

This photo made me laugh - Wiggle at full stretch!

I think Wiggle would chase his ball all day, if he could!

Happiness to Wiggle is playing ball in the sunshine....

I love watching Wiggle having so much fun

Still chasing the ball, as we head back to the car....

After all that running and his acrobatics, Wiggle has slept on the sofa since we got home!

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Baked said...

Ooo, look at those athletic jumps! I just love seeing a happy Wiggle! Cute vid, too - I ran in the room when mom played it when I heard the toys squeak!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab