Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 569

I hope you're sitting comfortably as it's a long blog entry today!

The snow is still here, with more being forecast. One weather report is saying we'll get more tonight, potentially making driving difficult tomorrow so this morning we were out, enjoying the bitterly cold but sunny day.

We drove up to the Downs but couldn't go on the gallops as the racehorses were out:

Although Sir H doesn't want to walk too far, we headed in the direction of the woods, with Wiggle busy running around with his tennis ball:

Sir H, taking his time:

Wiggle, all cute and cuddly in his fleece jumper:

The snow had drifted and was quite deep in places!

Of course the trouble with a tennis ball and snow is that the ball sinks!

Wiggle trying to find his ball, hidden beneath the snow again....

Sir H was looking decidedly perky after a good roll in the snow:

While Wiggle was still trying to dig out his tennis ball!

Snow dogs:

Running around in the sunny snow, happy Wiggle with his tennis ball:

Sir H gets ready for some more rolling:

Here we go..........!

Looking rather pleased with the amount of snow he'd managed to attach to his fleece!

Wiggle didn't waste his time rolling, not when there's a ball to fetch:

The snowy landscape, looking over towards Avebury:

Wiggle isn't interested in the scenery - not when he's busy digging out his ball!

Snowy face, after that digging:

Despite the sunshine, the wind was blowing and it was absolutely freezing, so once I'd lost feeling in my fingers and toes, the boys were back in the car. Sir H got comfortable to sleep the way home:

Apparently it's sixty-something miles to London!

You'd think that was enough excitement for one day for Wiggle and Sir H. But no, we had plans for another walk! As there hasn't been school for Wiggle, we'd arranged to meet up with Tracy and Andrew this afternoon and walk with their lovely Labradors.

Sir H stayed in Tracy's car with his girl pal, Lucy. The walk across the snow covered fields would have been too much for them, but Wiggle had lots of fun with Hazel, Megan, Bailey and their current boarder, Max.

The very lovely Hazel:

Wiggle and Bailey wait for the ball to be thrown:

"It went that way!"

Bailey brings back the ball:

Five Labrador's, having loads of fun in the snow:

Max brings the ball back this time:

Sometime after this, the ball was lost in the snow. Slightly embarassing for the dogs - 5 Labrador Retrievers and one lost ball!

Given up with searching for the ball, time for more running:

Wiggle is still running while Hazel and Megan sniff the snow:



Bailey and Hazel:

All lined up, waiting for treats:

Playtime again:

After coffee back at the house to warm the humans up, you'd think all the dogs would have been worn out. But no, they had more playtime on the land at Tracy and Andrews house and of course Sir H and Lucy got to have a potter about together too.

My boys are worn out after such a fun day!


Heart of Texas said...

Oh how I love seeing pics of Sir H having fun. I bet he and Lucy were enjoying tea in the car and catching up on things.

Baked said...

What a lovely field of Labs! And the boys look so cute in their fleeces :) Bet you all will sleep well tonight!
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab

Fernando F. said...

wow! all the pictures are fantastic. I love this blog. Glad to see Sir H having fun his own way (rolling on the snow). I don't have a dog of myself but reading about them is close enough for me.

Fernando1958 from Montreal