Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 588

Wiggle has not been shredding toys this evening. Probably because he is fast running out of shreddable toys! After he saw the remains of green elephant once I'd picked up all the bits, it's possible he was regretting his actions:

After tiring themselves out with thier playing, Wiggle and Sofy squished up on the on the sofa for a rest:

Sir H was also feeling rather sleepy:

Seeing Sir H in that photo reminded me of one of my favourite pictures of my dear, departed Guinness, aka Gdog:

With the likeness between the two, its no wonder I was smitten when I first saw Sir H!

Talking of Sir H, I realised that he'd not featured much in Wiggle's blog recently. He's been doing ok, still not really wanting to walk too far. Of course the snow made Sir H very happy but since we've not had much of the white stuff recently, he's had to make do with rolling around in ordinary grass. Some days Sir H only wants to go out in the back garden, but he's getting old, so its to be expected.

When I adopted Sir H nearly 2 years ago, we thought he was 10 or 11, so he could be around 13 now, although I never knew his date of birth. We just take each day as it comes....


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Sophy and Wiggle are like two bookends on the sofa :))
Love the oldies...give Sir H a gentle hug from me.


Erin and her Dogs said...

Aww I just want to hug Sir H. He looks very huggable in that last photo. :))

Erin, Pompei, Bubbles & Texas

Baked said...

Wiggle & Sofy are curled up so snuggy - I see you got the pillow, Wiggle!
I love Sir H's sweet old face & it's so cute how he likes to roll, BOL
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab