Friday, 1 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 561

What a great start to Wiggle's 2010! A thin covering of snow overnight followed by a bright, sunny, frosty morning. After sleeping in late, Wiggle and I went up to the Downs for a walk. Being a nice day, there were far more people than usual, but we managed to have ourselves a lovely walk.

Wiggle was happy to run ahead, up towards the trees:

Then playing fetch:

Waiting for the ball, Wiggle is oblivious to the lovely view!

Out of the trees and Wiggle was still running:

Frosty ground:

Clear blue skies - but very cold!

Just us on the top path:

Boinging around after the ball, which was lost for a short while....

Ball found, more exploring had to be done:

Then heading downhill, running towards the sun:

And then running back up again!

What goes up, must come down.....

Looking handsome & shiney:

Jumping for the ball, just not jumping high enough!

Wiggle was starting to get tired because when he does, he doesn't drop the ball so often! He still had energy to run off ahead though:

My view of Wiggle, as I followed the path he'd chosen:

One paw held up, Wiggle waits for the ball, ready to run and chase!

And chase, he did!

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Baked said...

Happy New Year! You look especially handsome in these photos! What a wonderful day you had :)
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab