Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 583

Wiggle and Sofy have been for a lovely walk up on Maude Heath. After all the rain we've had, it was nice and muddy in places but that didn't stop Wiggle running around happily after his ball.

Sofy started the walk on-lead, with lots of stopping and sitting for a treat. After we'd crossed the first field, I let Sofy off - the first time since she's been here. Sofy was very good, coming back to me for a treat each time I called her and chasing Wiggle and the ball:

Jumping for the ball:

Tug of war with the ball:

Sofy brings the ball back to me:

Then it was Wiggle's turn with the ball:

Wiggle was being nice and sharing the ball, letting Sofy bring it back:

Good Sofy - coming back to me when I called her:

Quick rest:




Finding a nice, muddy puddle:

More chasing:

Waiting for a treat:

Then when she's not looking, Wiggle steals the ball away!

Enjoying the freedom of being offlead:

Wiggle, happy to be out and about with all that space!

Happy dogs:

Another puddle:

Soggy, muddy Sofy:

Tired dogs, on the way back to the car:

I have been really pleased with Sofy today, coming back each time I called her. It was wonderful to see her running around, having fun and playing with Wiggle.

Tomorrow I think we'll go up to the Downs and see what Sofy is like then, as there will no doubt be other dogs around...

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Teagan said...

What an excellent walk - Sofy is the perfect playmate!! You both pose really well for the camera too!