Saturday, 30 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 590

We've had another beautiful sunny Saturday here in Wiltshire. This afternoon we all went up to the Downs to make the most of such a lovely day.

Sofy was running around:

Wrapped up in his fleece, Sir H didn't feel inclined to take a group photo seriously...

Despite the sunshine, it was still bitterly cold and we'd had a dusting of snow overnight. That didn't stop Wiggle and Sofy having a good run:

Sir H preferred to sniff the cold, fresh air:

Wiggle and Sofy kept warm by playing:

Sir H kept warm by rolling!

Sofy's all skippy to have the ball:

But when Wiggle gets the ball, Sofy tries every trick she knows to get it from him!

Tugging is a good option:

And pays off! Ever the gentleman, Wiggle lets Sofy have a turn:

Waiting for the next throw of the ball:

Wiggle tries to get a head start on the ball by running ahead:

Whic paid off!

And again!

Here they come!

Sir H was not running or moving around much at all....

Sofy celebrates getting ball by boinging around

Swingy ball:

Wiggle is in front as Sofy starts to get tired:

Long distance sitting for the ball:

And its Sofy with the ball!

Last run around before heading back to the car....

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