Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 579

Wiggle has a new foster sister!

Sofy came into the care of Labrador Rescue South East & Central on Sunday and is now here with us on foster for a full assessment. Sofy met Wiggle and Sir H and initial introductions went well.

She brought her bed with her and Wiggle wasted no time in trying it out for size:

Next on the agenda was a walk on the Downs, with Sofy exploring her new local walks:

Sitting with Wiggle:

Practising sit & wait, for a treat of course! Sofy loves her food and will concentrate hard for a treat:

Having a little play with Wiggle's tennis ball:

Wiggle showing off his mucky nose after lots of head-first diving for his ball into the chalky ground:

Yesterday we went over to see Tracey, Wiggle's trainer, so that Sofy could meet her Labs and have some offlead playtime. Wiggle and Sofy are ready to go!

Sofy was very good, meeting Lucy, Hazel, Bailey and Megan one by one. They all had good fun, running and chasing the toy and when Sofy got back here, she was rather worn out.

She curls up small!

Yesterday, after our evening walk, Sofy settled on her bed, curled up and snored loudly for quite some time!

Today I went back to work so Sofy and Wiggle had a good walk first thing. I came home at lunchtime and everyone was fine, Sir H on Sofy's bed while she and Wiggle were on the sofa.

Wiggle isn't at all bothered having a new houseguest, esepcially as he still get to spend his time curled up next to me on the sofa. Sir H likes Sofy but then again, he's always liked having a choccie girl for company.

So far, so good...


Wannabe Goddess said...

Great pictures and lovely to hear about Sofy. Bailey is quite smitten with her!

Teagan said...

Sofy looks like she's feeling at home already! Good job Sir H has given his approval.. and Wiggle is lucky having a new playmate that has such a nice bed he can borrow!

Baked said...

What a lovely girl Sofy is & she does curl up very cute :) I also liked the pic with the muck on your nose, Wiggle - shows how industrious you were in chasing the ball!
Love, your best girl, Lucy the Lab

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Sofy certainly has settled in very quickly and obviously has the boys approval.
Love the bed swopping :)
How old is Sofy?