Friday, 22 January 2010

Wiggle - Day 582

Sofy and Wiggle had a fun play session last night. It's actually very interesting watching how they interact with each other - Wiggle is "top dog" and as the newcomer, Sofy is the lowest ranking.

With all new fosters, I've done everything last for them - last for treats, last for lead on etc as I hope that my own dogs will feel less put out by still feeling they are number one. Sofy has accepted her status and it's noticeable when she and Wiggle play.

If Wiggle has a toy, Sofy wants that toy. However, Sofy will wait until Wiggle has finished and then when he drops the toy, she will pick it up. What's also interesting is how she tries to trick him by getting a new toy out and hoping Wiggle with think that toy is far more appealing, thus dropping the toy she wants!

Here's Sofy having a play:

Tuggy toy as well as a tennis ball, which Wiggle had just dropped:

Then Sofy got a new toy out:

And Wiggle decided he wanted to swap toys too:

Both happily chewing:

Wiggle takes more notice of the toy Sofy has:

Before settling down to chew on the rope toy:

Sofy took a rest from play to pull a funny face!

While Wiggle was also managing to look a little silly:

And before long, Sofy had the rope toy!

Sofy is doing really well so far and is fine when she's left. This evening, Wiggle was at the door as soon as I opened it when I got home while Sofy was coming downstairs after being asleep in her favourite place - the spare room.

The main issues Sofy has is her reaction to other dogs when she's out. I've been walking her on an ordinary lead and collar and she's doing really well, walking to heel nicely with lots of encouragement and a firm hand. Sofy does have a habit of barking at other dogs, but we're working on that and she's learning that if she doesn't approach another dog calmly and nicely, she has to sit close and wait, on a much shorter lead.

Fortunately, we know a lot of the other dog walkers so have been able to explain about Sofy and let her meet their dogs slowly, getting gradually closer a little at a time until she can say hello nicely. On a few occassions now, Sofy has managed calm introductions and sat waiting patiently while I talk to the other dogs owner.

It's still very much early days and the reason for Sofy coming here was so that we could make a thorough assessment of her and try and calm her lunging/barking at other dogs. She's doing well so far so I'll continue working on her less favourable traits.

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