Sunday, 8 November 2009

Introducing Bella

Last weekend I was looking on the Labrador Rescue South East & Central website and came across this photo:

She'd come into rescue after being picked up as a stray and was in kennels. As she was described as having a flea allergy and skin problems are something I'm used to, I offered to foster her.

So, today Wiggle and I went to the kennels to meet her. They didn't take much notice of each other so she came home.

Most of the fosters have new names; new start and all that, so she's now called Bella. Thank you to Lucy the Lab, Wiggle's girlfriend who lives in Seattle for the name suggestion. Wiggle and Lucy met on Twitter and Lucy is a very beautiful Chocolate Labrador.

Back to Bella. Once we got home, Bella got to meet Sir H:

Even though her tail doesn't have much fur, she still can wag!

I took Bella out for a walk with Wiggle - you can see how bad her skin is:

Quick rest:

After coming home, it was bath time for Bella. Excuse the "checking her girly bits" photo, but you can see how bald the poor little girl is..

As it had got quite chilly by the time we went for our evening walk, Bella borrowed one of Wiggle's fleece jumpers and kept it on when she got home!

As you can see, she's making herself quite at home!

Bella is so far being the perfect houseguest, but to be fair, she's slept most of the time! She ate her dinner, not greedily and came to check on what I was up to while I was making my own dinner. Right now, she's fast asleep on the sofa, twitching her little toes.

We've got an appointment to see the vet on Tuesday so we'll know more about what her treatment will be. Bella is just one of the many dogs being supported by Labrador Rescue South East & Central, who will be covering her vet bills to get her better.

Every donation, no matter how small helps, so if you're able to help Bella get better and beautiful again, please go to the Just Giving fundraising page:


Anonymous said...

Bella means pretty & soon with love & care she will be pretty again. So glad she is all comfy & safe. Thank you Wendy & all who have donated to her care!
(I'm so excited I was mentioned in my boyfriends blog!)
Lucy the Lab & her mom, Jana

MELITA (Woof Beginnings) said...

Well done Wendy for giving Bella such a lovely home.
I am sure with the love and attention she will get from you, in time she will look as great as Wiggle.
Sending her a big hug.