Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 527

Today I had some errands to take care of in Chippenham so took the boys with me and we stopped at Maude Heath on the way back. Sir H has been much perkier now that he's been on the steroids and painkillers for a couple of weeks and enjoyed a little potter around:

Wiggle wasted no time in running around, with his ball, as usual:

Sir H stopped for a rest, deciding it was best to pace himself.

Sir H enjoyed a good roll around:

While Wiggle was still running....

And had some strange, tail-curling thing going on!

Sir H was up and about again, happy to watch Wiggle do all the mad running

Fortunately Wiggle's brakes worked and he didn't run downhill into the fence!

This was meant to be a nice photo of the boys together, but Sir H had other idea's.....

Wiggle, always happy to pose for a photo, even when his co-star is fooling around!

More running and pouncing on the ball, including head first into the ground...

Got the ball, upright again!

Silly running:

And more pouncing!

I said to Wiggle: "Have you been snacking on cow poo?"

Wiggle says: "No! This must be mud on my tongue!"

Sir H, licking his lips, no doubt also having had a little snack while I wasn't looking.....

Back in the car, worn out and ready to go home:

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Anonymous said...

BOL!!! Snacking on cow poo!
- Lucy the Lab