Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 523

Wiggle and Sir H are worn out this evening. Sir H managed a walk to the green at the end of the road and then had a lie down, followed by a roll in the damp grass. Wiggle did lots of running around after his flashing, glow in the dark ball. Wiggle is fast asleep now on the sofa but definitely enjoyed himself!

Sir H seems to be doing well now on his medication. Although he can't physcially go very far, his mind is still very active and he wants to, his legs just can't carry him. The walk back, although short is slow but if I walk along side Sir H, supporting him, he manages. He still gets excited when its food time or the collars and leads come out so has managed a very short walk each evening. Fortunately there's a grass area at the side of the house so he can go out there for his wee's as our garden is flooded at the moment.

Talking of flooding, we're thinking good thoughts for our friends Marion and Ruby up in Keswick, Cumbria. This Friday it will be a year since the boys and I had our weekend up in the Lake District when we met up with Marion and her boys, George and Archie:


We've got gale force winds down here this evening but our weather has been nowhere near as bad as up in Cumbria. We're sincerely hoping that Marion and Ruby and their boys stay safe and dry, as well as everyone having to cope in the awful weather.....

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