Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Discover Dogs & Other Updates

We had a fantastic day at Discover Dogs on Sunday, even with our early start of 4.30am! Wiggle was an absolute star and made me very proud.

After meeting up with Jo and Alison at Heston Services on the M4 at 7.30am, we drove together to Earls Court and got there before 8am.

After wandering around the huge exhibition hall we eventually found our spot in the Kennel Club rescue area and got ourselves setup. Wiggle was first in the pen, looking out for visitors:

Jack, who belongs to Jo was with us all day and Berkely, Wayne's lovely choccie boy was soon in the pen too, all of them ready to meet and greet:

We met Ellie, who is a friend of one of Wiggle's Twitter friends, MrKiplingWoof. He lives in America but knew Ellie was coming to Discover Dogs so suggested she come and say Hi to Wiggle!

Lots more to report but as home internet is still not fixed, I'm blogging from work, so copying and pasting from my memory stick! I'll be back with a full report from Discover Dogs but there's also other news from Wiggle's World.....

On Saturday Bella went off to a new long-term foster home. Originally we’d planned that she would be here for longer, until at least she was on her way to getting better but sadly Sir H took a huge dislike to her. He wasn’t mean to Bella but didn’t want to be in the same room as her even though she did absolutely nothing wrong.

As Sir H has been unwell and less mobile, taking himself off upstairs wasn’t doing him any good so I had to make the hard decision to let Bella move on. Bella is an absolute sweetheart and is now living with a lovely lady in Surrey where she will have her own companion and lots of love.

Since yesterday Sir H has been a little brighter which is good, but he’s still not very mobile and that is worrying. He can’t walk to far and is only managing a walk to the end of the path at the front of the house, despite being on the steroid tablets and painkillers. Last night I drove him to the green at the end of the road so he didn’t use up all his energy and could at least get out for a short while.

We're at the vets on Thursday evening as Sir H will need more medication but as much as it saddens to to face up to it, we're taking things one day at a time right now....

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