Saturday, 7 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 506

Wiggle and Sir H have made the most the sunny morning today as we stopped off for a walk on our way to the parents. Wiggle was doing his thing, running around with his ball:

Sir H meanwhile was sniffing out interesting smells...

Wiggle found a path, went off but then came back again, without his ball!

Thankfully, Wiggle remembered where he'd left his ball & was soon reunited!

Sunny, shiney boy:

Fast running:

Followed by some pouncing:

More running - notice the rather unpleasant drool coming from Wiggle's mouth?

That's where it ended up!

Sir H was not going to move at any speed which would have produced such insightly drool:

Drooly-dog with Sir H minding his own business!

Sir H did get in a roll:

Happy Sir H:

Time for some more running before we headed back to the car:

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