Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 502

I've been at home today while a new boiler is being installed. The boys have both been very good and mostly staying out of the way, although Wiggle has tried to "help".

We've had sunshine and shower so after we got soaked on our walk first thing, I tried to get the boys out again while it was dry. Wiggle was waiting for the ball:

Giving me The Stare!

Wiggle did plenty of running around in the autumn leaves, with his ball, of course:

Sir H didn't run but preferred to have a lie down:

Wiggle, as always, waiting for the ball:

Concentrating hard on The Stare:

Even when it started to rain heavily, Wiggle was too busy playing to notice:

My two handsome boys...

It all proved to be too much effort for Sir H:

But Wiggle still wanted to play!

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