Sunday, 29 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 528

Today Wiggle and I went to do a follow-up visit to a family who adopted one of LRSE&C's Labrador's. Ollie, as he is now called, has settled in very well and has well and truly fallen on his paws with his lovely new family.

After the visit was done, Wiggle and headed off to Bradford on Avon for a little walk in the rain. And there was LOTS of rain! It absolutely threw it down just as we arrived in the carpark but as I had my waterproofs, the weather didn't put us off.

Wiggle did lots of running, but loving the water as he does, it wasn't long before he was at the river. He took no notice of the ducks, having only one thing on his mind....

Playin with his ball!

The ducks swam away but Wiggle didn't give them a second thought, happy in his own little ball-chasing, swimming Wiggle World:

Despite being back on dry land, the rain still poured but Wiggle didn't care.

More running in the rain:

Followed by some more swimming and fetching:

After more running in the rain, we wandered up to the very old Tithe Barn.

Wiggle, sheltering in the doorway:

Inside the barn with the old timber roof beams:

Information about the Tithe Barn:

Back in the car, Wiggle wore his fleece to dry him off a bit and keep him warm in the car....

Now we're home, Wiggle has dried off and is trying to help me cook roast lamb - he's not daft, he know's he and Sir H will be getting some!

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Sirius said...

what an exciting day you had Wiggle :)