Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 524

Wiggle has been out again this evening chasing his glow in the dark flashing ball. I tried to take some photo's but unfortunately they weren't very good! Here's the best of them, starting with the Glowing Mouth (Wiggle's girlfriend on Twitter, LucytheLab, said he'd look like a Hound of the Baskerville with a glowing red mouth!):

All lit up - Puplight & night time toy:

Somehow, Wiggle now has 4 glowing balls!

Then 3!

I blame the extra balls on my poor photography and using the small camera, not some clever tricks!

Even in the dark, Wiggle still tries the Throw the Ball stare:

Sir H came out with us but preferred to stay out of the way, have a roll in the grass and then lie and watch while Wiggle ran around.

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