Saturday, 21 November 2009

After much faffing around, we're back online!

Wiggle is his usual, happy self and has caught up on his sleep after his very busy day at Discover Dogs last weekend. He's not impressed with this horrid weather as I've been putting his coat on him!

Sir H is doing better and saw Malcolm the vet on Thursday for a check up and more drugs. I upped the dose of steroids a few days after he was prescribed them as I had been told he could have up to 2 twice a day and had started on one, twice a day. For the time being, one and a half tablets twice a day, along with the painkillers, seems to be helping.

Although Sir H is very bright in himself he still isn't able to walk too far. He wants to and in his mind, thinks he can, his body just can't manage it though. It does make me very sad to see Sir H struggle and I know that quality of life is so important, but in his mind, Sir H hasn't given up yet. At the vets he was hopping about, wagging and getting in the way while his drugs were dispensed.

We've got plenty of tablets now and unless Sir H deteriorates, we'll go back to the vet in a month.

Last night the boys went and stayed with Tracey who runs Wiggle's training classes. I was away overnight and couldn't take them with me so Wiggle and Sir H stayed with Lucy, Hazel, Megan and Bailey and enoyed themselves. Sir H loves Lucy an awful lot, a little too much, even! He likes to wash her ears and as she's the eldest girl, she and Sir H are well suited.

When I collected the boys earlier, Wiggle was playing with toys, working his way through the toybox, shredding toy after toy! He's worn out now after all that playing but it's lovely to know they enjoy going there and I don't need to worry about them.

We had news about Bella earlier in the week and it sounds like she has well and truly landed on her paws. Her new mum says she's been very well behaved and is settling in well, so that's very good news.

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Anonymous said...

Cute Sir H, having a girlfriend named Lucy just like Wiggle! Am glad his spirits are up & is feeling a bit better.
Jana & Lucy the Lab