Friday, 27 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 526

As Bath is only up the road from us, Wiggle and I went there this evening to look around the Christmas Market. The Abbey square was filled with chalets, all decorated with lights and selling all kinds of things.

After wandering for a while, Wiggle found his first Christmas tree of the year:

We wandered some more so Wiggle stopped in front of the lit-up Abbey to have his photo taken:

As far as Wiggle is concerned, Roman Bath is far better than the kind of bath he's used to!

At the other side of the Abbey:

We did lots of walking around, looking at the different stalls in the market and bought a couple of things which can't be mentioned as they are presents! Wiggle seemed to enjoy himself and got lots of fuss, as well as meeting a lovely American lady who volunteered for the Humane Society who stopped to say hello while we were by the Christmas tree.

After sharing a pork, venison and mushroom hotdog (Wiggle did actually have most of it!) we headed back to the car and now Wiggle is home, he's fast asleep after all his evening out.

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Kim said...

Wow, what great pictures--They would give anyone a holiday boost!! I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures here in Virginia! -Kim-