Thursday, 5 November 2009

Wiggle - Day 504

Wiggle has been to school this evening and Sir H came along too. As its Bonfire Night and Sir H doesn't like the noises, I thought he would be better off at school.

Sir H watched from the sidelines and did seem a little perkier than usual when he saw that the rest of the dogs got treats!

I'm not sure whether Wiggle is still learning as he didn't do very well in a couple of the tasks. Practising our loose lead walking was going fine, Wiggle watching the big treat cookie until he snatched it from me! Then in the first practise of sit and wait, Wiggle was fidgeting although he did do better second time around.

Although I don't think Wiggle is ever going to be a star pupil, he does seem to be enjoying himself and it's improving his confidence no end. When we arrived, he went straight up to Maddie to say hello and was all waggy tail. Even if Wiggle never passes an exam, just seeing him being relaxed and confident is good enough for me.

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