Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 228

We have had an absolutely lovely walk at Virginia Water today. We met up with a group of friends from the Refuge forum and despite the freezing cold weather and brief snow shower, really enjoyed ourselves.

After meeting in the carpark, we set off along the side of the lake and all the dogs had a good run around, Wiggle chasing after his tennis ball and Sir H pottering along. When we've been before, we have walked up one way and then turned around and come back the same way, but thanks to Clare, we now know a circular route which took us a couple of hours.

Once we were back to the beginning, us humans stopped for a coffee to warm up before we all made our way home again. Here's some of the photo's from our walk:

Starting off the walk:

Wiggle & Sir H:

Heading up towards the cascade:

Another group shot:

Amanda's boys, Charlie & George, playing ball with Wiggle:

Wiggle brings up the rear:

Wiggle & Murph

Happy, muddy hounds:

Beenz found a big stick which he carried for the rest of the walk!

Nettie was popular, must have been the treats!

Sir H:

After the snow, the sun came out:

Wiggle & Toby, playing ball

Sir H, wallowing:

Wiggle + water = happy boy

Wiggle & Toby playing ball in the lake:

Wiggle has a new fleece jumper - thanks to Mindy! She'd got an Equafleece for each of her boys but they didn't fit, so passed them on to me. Sir H has one too, in navy blue, but he was too tired to have his photo taken.

The walk was really good - all the dogs got along well together, chased each other and ran around and had a great time. Both Wiggle & Sir H slept all the way home and have been asleep pretty much ever since!

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