Thursday, 19 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 246

Wiggle's had a busy day today. After a slightly later start today we had our morning walk in the daylight so he and Pudding chased around after the ball on a rope. While Sir H had a lie down.

After a rest for the dogs and catch up on stuff around the house for me, we went out at lunchtime to meet up with Ange and Rob again, with Minnie Moo and Max. It was a big day for Pudding as it was her first walking date and she did well. Max remembered Sir H and Wiggle and was a happy, waggy boy with his toy in his mouth. Minnie-Moo did lots of running and chasing ball and is much better at not losing toy's like Wiggle!

Early on in the walk:

Pudding chasing Wiggle:

Pudding, Wiggle and Max:

Pudding chasing Wiggle, again:

Handsome Max:

During our walk, the dogs were very pleased to find a nice muddy stream.

Sir H, to the right of the photo, was overjoyed....

And wallowed. As he does.

While Pudding had a drink!

All the dogs got on really well again and it was lovely for them all to run around in the woods, chasing toys, playing and having a great time getting very muddy!

After a coffee stop for us humans, it was time to head for home. All 3 were worn out and slept most of the journey

Pudding had got very muddy so she had a bath when we got in. She wasn't overly happy but I kept it quick and she's talking to me again now!

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