Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 230

This afternoon we met up for a snowy walk in the woods with Ange and Rob and two of their dogs, Minnie-Moo and Max. Minnie-Moo also has her own blog and is a LRSE&C dog like Wiggle and Sir H. Max is a very handsome 10 year old Lab but he can be a little nervous when he meets new dogs, so we arranged to meet up and see if he would enjoy a walk with Wiggle & Sir H.

Minnie-Moo has met the boys before and was very pleased to see them although Max wasn't quite so confident, but Wiggle and Sir H walked along happily on-lead until we all felt Max was relaxed about having our company. Before long, Max was running around, coming up to my boys, tail wagging.

Knowing that Sir H would do the least, he was offlead first and just pottered around, doing his own thing. A while later, Wiggle was offlead and running around after his ball.

Ange & Rob and all the dogs:

Wiggle waiting for the ball, with Max's duck toy abandoned behind him!


Happy Wiggle:

More silly boinging around

Sir H, taking the walk at a slower pace.....

Wiggle, taking it all in

Wiggle & Minnie-Moo

Handsome Max

Max and Wiggle got on really well, playing ball together and not a single grumble, despite crashing into each other one time!



Max following Wiggle

Wiggle & Max

Max, still with his toy while Sir H tries to mug Rob for food

Wiggle & Max. Happy boys together

Wiggle, still running!

Sir H...

We really did have a lovely walk and the dogs all got on really well, which was great to see. Despite Max's initial nervousness when he met my boys, before long he and Wiggle were running around together, enjoying the snow and playing ball. I'm very proud of my boys!

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Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

We all had a wonderful walk too, once Max realised your boys are as lovely as Muzzle and me had told him they were :-))

Muzzle will help me put some photos up on my blog later too.