Monday, 2 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 229

We've got snow!!! Lots of lovely, fluffy snow! Ok, so not as much as other parts of the country right now, but it's still falling and settling.

The boys and I went out this morning but I suspect I was more excited about the snow than they were, especially Sir H who looked particularly unimpressed. As its so cold, both boys were wearing their fleece jumpers, but even being wrapped up warm didn't convince Sir H to enjoy himself.

While Sir H is tucked up in bed and showing no signs of moving anywhere, Wiggle and I went back out for a play in the snow.

On the road to the green:

Wiggle & his ball on a rope:

Running around:

Waiting for me to throw the ball:

Despite the snow, Wiggle still sat for the ball!

Wiggle's friend Feebee, who belongs to our neighbour and the boys dogwalker had come out to play too:

But typical of Wiggle, he was more interested in playing ball:

I'm hoping for more snow!

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