Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 234

The snow is still here and I've had to miss the fun and go to work. It didn't stop us going out first thing though for a slippery walk!

As the temperatures dropped overnight it was easier to walk in the snow.

Wiggle, being Wiggle, was happy to play ball in the snow

While Sir H, although not impressed to be out in the cold, enjoyed himself in his own way!

We've been out this evening and it really isn't nice out there. Apart from being freezing cold, the snow which melted in the sun earlier has now turned to ice which made walking rather difficult at time!

I've been playing about with Wiggle's Twitter settings, so in theory, when I update the blog, Twitter should be updated too. That's the idea, whether I've done it right remains to be seen!

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