Friday, 20 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 247

A bit of a photo-overload today! We've had a lovely, bright day so despite the hounds all being worn out from yesterday's adventures, we headed up to the Downs for a walk..

Wiggle and Pudding seemed to forget how tired they had been as soon as they were out of the car. Sir H took things a little slower and followed at his own pace, letting the mad young things run around....

Pudding, making a photo-stop

Waiting for the ball...

Pudding boings around

Enjoying the sunshine

I think Pudding really rather likes having Pudding here as he's got someone to play ball with again and I think he's determined to prove he is the fastest of the two!

No matter how tired he gets, Wiggle still wants me to throw the ball!

Sir H, plodding and choosing a nice patch of grass....

And then having a roll around!

Wiggle, with Pudding trying to keep up

Roll over, Sir H watches

More mad running

All three, with Sir H making a rare upright appearance in a photo!

Pudding is determined that one day, she will catch Wiggle & the ball!

Happy hounds

Sir H, taking his own time

Still running.....

Handsome boy

And finishing up with some more running before heading back to the car

Lastly, a little video clip

Since getting home, all three are fast asleep and it's doubtful they'll move before dinner time!

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