Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 239

We have a houseguest!

Yesterday, Wiggle and I went over to Wales to visit Fi at Lizzies Barn Sanctuary as she had some new Labs in. Those of you who know me will know how heartbroken I was to lose Dolly last year, so I'd been looking out for another chocolate girl who could potentially join Wiggle, Sir H and I.

A couple of months ago we met Katie and a week and a bit ago, her mum, Pudding was also given up to the rescue.

Pudding has never lived in a house before and originally came from a puppy farm, so the world is a big scary place right now. After meeting her, she has come home with us and is here on foster.

Wiggle & Pudding:

Pudding has been trying out the sofa:

And last night, was sharing with the boys:

Sir H has taken much notice really and is still spending most of his time on his bed. Wiggle is a bit unsure, probably because since losing Dolly, he's become very attached to me. But, it's early days and hopefully in time, Pudding and Wiggle will become great friends and playmates.

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