Sunday, 15 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 242

Wiggle, Sir H and Pudding have been for a lovely walk on the Downs. Wiggle was running around, in and out of the tree's, chasing his tennis ball. Sir H was going at his usual, slower pace and Pudding started off on the lead, watching Wiggle play


Pudding watching Wiggle:

And watching both boys:

Wiggle, waiting for me to throw the ball while Pudding sits for the sake of it!

Sir H, taking a break:

Pudding, also deciding a rest is a good idea!

Sir H, typically overcome with excitement, while Pudding still watches Wiggle

Once again, Wiggle managed to lose another tennis ball but convinced himself that he knew where it was so did lots of running back and forth. As Pudding had been so interested in running with Wiggle, she had a few minutes offlead and enjoyed herself running around, coming back to me each time I called her.

I now have 3 very worn out dogs here!

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