Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 251

We've been up to Maude Heath for a walk and as usual, there was no one else around. Wiggle and Pudding chased a ball together, although Pudding still doesn't have the best running 'style'

And on the odd occassion that she gets to the ball before Wiggle, she tends to dive on the ball rather than actuall catch it!

Wiggle just loves running around and he does seem to like having competition when it comes to getting the ball first

Both waiting for me to throw the ball.

Wiggle, bringing the ball back

Sir H minds his own business while the other two play

Happy, handsome Wiggle:

But then you notice the rather fetching bit of grass hanging out of his mouth!

Three Lab's

One ball - two different directions!

Pudding, chasing Wiggle & the ball

Sir H, rolling, not walking

All three, Sir H walking for a change

Wiggle, being chased. Again.

Since coming home, Wiggle has had a bath and is wrapped up in his dressing gown. He's still having his baths every couple of weeks as it helps his skin and I noticed earlier, he's moulting a little at the moment. In a funny way, seeing his body naturally shed fur makes me happy as I@ doubt this time last year Wiggle had enough fur to spare any for moulting....

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