Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 245

Wiggle is definitely getting more relaxed about Pudding being with us. She seems to prefer Wiggle to Sir H, probably because Sir H does so little, he's not interesting enough! I think Wiggle likes having a friend to run around with, especially as he know's he's very fast when it comes to running after tennis balls! He comes over all smug, knowing that Pudding wants to run with him, but will never beat him.

I think Wiggle secretly likes having someone to cuddle up with too. For he first few days of Pudding being with us, Wiggle went to his bed but now. He squishes up on the sofa with her and she usually falls asleep on him. Pudding has also discovered toys and Wiggle, being the perfect gentleman he is, has been sharing....

In other news, there's a fundraising auction being held on The Refuge forum, starting next weekend. At the moment, there's a few of sending hundreds of emails out, begging for donations as well as collecting donations from forum members. The lots so far can be found here:

Previous auctions on the forum have raised on average £3,000 each time and as with past auctions, there will be two very worthy recipients of all the proceeds: Dogstar Foundation and Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue.

If you have anything to donate, or know of any companies that might be able to donate a an item, please do get in touch (Wiggle's email address on his profile page). We've got some great items so far including 2 tickets to see Coldplay, various doggy items, books and loads more so pretty much anything that can be posted to the winning bidder would be very gratefully accepted!

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