Monday, 16 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 243

I've been back at work today so Pudding has had her first day of our 'work routine'. After a good nights sleep, we were up early and the dogs all had their breakfast followed by a sleep while I got ready for work.

As usual, we were out for our walk early and then the dogs all have the morning to sleep until the dogwalker comes in. As I wasn't entirely sure how Pudding would be I asked for the dogwalker to let me know if she was at all worried or if there were any problems but I'm pleased to report that I didn't get a call and all was fine.

When I got home, Wiggle and Pudding were pleased to see me and after a post dinner rest, we had our evening walk. Sir H wasn't feeling so active so had a lie down while Pudding had a run around with Wiggle. As the boys have their Puplights, Wiggle was offlead and Pudding on the extending lead.

Wiggle is definitely warming to the idea of having a new sister. He was happy and waggy when Pudding showed an interest in what he was doing while he was playing with a tennis ball. After Pudding got up on the sofa, Wiggle came over and sniffed and snuffled her face.

Both Wiggle and Pudding are fast asleep now, curled up together on the sofa.


.... going.....


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She seems to be settling in really well.:)
I think her paws are well and truly on that sofa!