Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 249

Wiggle seems to be liking having Pudding here with us. Although he's been a bit sulky at times, no doubt upset at having to share me, he definitely enjoys running around with Pudding and playing ball with her.

As regular readers of Wiggle's blog will know, he loves to chase a tennis ball. Wiggle also loves having someone to chase a ball with, probably as he know's that he's very fast and not many dogs can out-run him. Pudding certainly can't out-run him and she's not perfected the art of graceful running like Wiggle, but what she lacks in style, she makes up with enthusiasm!

I've 'stolen' this photo from Ange as it's one she took on Thursday when we met up and I love it - two happy, running dogs - Wiggle and Pudding kicking up leaves together.

Ange takes much better photo's than me so I also borrowed this one:

Doesn't Wiggle look handsome? I keep looking at that photo and thinking how far he's come, how well and healthy he looks. Seeing him running around with Pudding is such a pleasure to watch - it's hard now to remember how Wiggle used to be....

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