Friday, 2 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 198

Today we went to Virginia Water again to meet up with Mindy and her family, along with Toby & Beenze. Wiggle and Toby ran around after tennis balls and Wiggle managed to take off:

And then skidded in the leaves!

Toby and Wiggle did most of the running around, taking it in turns to get the ball

The boys got themselves wet....

Wiggle managed to get a leaf stuck to his nose, thanks to some unattractive slobber holding it in place!

Toby was pleased to find a good selection of logs and sticks to chew

But eventually chose one that was easier to carry!

Sir H was soon back in the water, taking no notice of the swan hissing at him

While Wiggle was just happy to be running in the sun, tennis ball in his mouth!

Sir H took the time to do some more wallowing, one of his favourite hobbies

Before long, all 4 boys were in and around the water

Toby and Wiggle raced each other to get the ball in the lake....

But Toby was fastest in the water!

Meanwhile, Beenze tried to get nice and muddy

We had a really lovely walk and once the boys were back in the cars, with their fleece jumper on to keep them warm while they dried off, us humans got ourselves a coffee to warm up.

Both Wiggle and Sir H are worn out now, and fast asleep, probably dreaming about their lovely walk.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely walk, Tobie and Beenzie are fast asleep tired out :) Love the photo of Beenzie looking very worried at getting his feet dirty :)

Thanks for a lovely time Wiggle.

Mindy, Paul, Toblie, Beenzie, Ellie and Daniel xx