Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 202

Yesterday we went to Wales again to visit Fi at the Barn. I'd gone to help out for the day, just doing anything I could to be useful as Fi's had a tough time lately what with one thing and another. After a quick coffee, I set to work cleaning and disinfecting dog beds.

Fi needed to go out, so once my cleaning chores were done, I was tasked with playing with the puppies! Fi still has 3 of the mange pups that went in before Christmas and prior to their arrival, they'd had very little human contact.

After they'd had some rough and tumble on me, two of the pups fell asleep on my legs!

We saw Katie again. She's very lovely and was pregnant when she arrived in rescue. The pups are due any day now, so she's taking things easy:

A while later, after some bed-hopping, the pups were all curled up together when Sir H decided to join them, perhaps deciding to play the rold of GrandDaddy:

Today we've been out for a snowy walk. It was snowing here yesterday morning and stayed cold enough that there was still snow on the ground. I needed to pop over to Wootton Bassett so the boys came to and we went for a walk at Jubilee Park.

Wiggle soon had snow on his face:

But that'll be down to the running and leaping around playing with his tennis ball

We walked down to the lake, which was nearly all frozen. Thankfully, both Wiggle and Sir H kept away from the freezing water - ice covered lakes can be very dangerous!

A snowy picture, although I did think it might have been a bit cold for Sir H to lay down.....

Sir H led the way as we made our way back up to the playing field

Despite taking the lead, I'm not sure Sir H was completely happy about being out in the cold

Wiggle, on the other hand, was still running around like a mad thing!

While Si H wanted another rest, even if it meant lying on the cold snow.

Wiggle seemed to be faster on the snow:

Sir H did move around a bit - to roll in the snow!

And then had a good shake

The boys are now fast asleep, having come home and warmed up. I think they like snow!

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