Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 224

Not a nice weather day here - dampy and misty again. We've been up to the Downs for a walk but as the racehorses were out on the gallops, we stayed up the top of the hill, starting off walking through the tree's. With the ball bouncing all over the place due to the uneven ground, Wiggle did lots of skidding about.

Wiggle was running around the moment he jumped out of the car, tennis ball in his mouth, while he checked out the new smells. Sir H was taking things at his usual slower pace.

Sir H was very happy to find a muddly puddle but thankfully it wasn't deep enough for him to wallow! Wiggle was just happy to be running around - one of his favourite hobbies.

We did have one minor mishap - Wiggle headbutted me by accident! We both went to pick up the ball at the same time but I don't think Wiggle noticed as he was too busy waiting for me to throw the ball.

Here's some of the photo's from our walk:

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