Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 210

Revenge was mine!

This morning I was home from work early so I crept into the house and surprised both Wiggle and Sir H who were fast asleep. They did seem happier to be woken up by me than I was at being woken by them yesterday, but we now seem to have reached a truce and both boys let me sleep earlier. Wiggle did wake me but that was to let me know there was a TNT delivery man at the door with a parcel, which of course is a perfectly valid and acceptable reason to wake me.

Sir H doesn't seem to want to walk far at the moment so we've been across to the green and while he pottered about, Wiggle and I played ball. Wiggle ran and ran until he was slowing down while Sir H watched.

This afternoon I've been doing a spot of decorating but fortunately, both the boys stayed out of the way so they are still black and not covered in paint!

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