Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 203

Today we've been over to Bristol to see our friend Sarah as its her birthday. The boys and Bran went for a walk and play in the park. Despite having been out earlier in the morning and chased his ball, Wiggle was still full of energy and raced around after the ball.

Being fickle, Bran and Wiggle decided to swap toys, so Bran chased Wiggle's ball on a rope while Wiggle chased after Bran's squeaky ball.

Wiggle & Bran, matching back legs up in the air!

Ooops! A Labrador collision!

Bran The Retriever

Sir H watches as the young'uns run around, chasing the ball

All three boys

Sir H, getting muddy by rolling around

Wiggle & Bran playing ball

Sir H decided a lie-down was needed. It's tiring watching the youngsters running around!

Bran was getting a bit tired and couldn't be bothered to keep up with Wiggle

All 3 had a lovely time and each managed to get quite muddy. Now we're home, Sir H is sleeping while Wiggle is grumbling at me, trying to convince me that it's dinner time!

1 comment:

Sarah and Bran said...

Thank you for coming to me on my birthday, boys :o) Oh thanks to you too, Wend ;o) It was lovely to see you all!

Bran is still fast asleep!

Sarah xxx