Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 209

There seems to be a conspiracy The ring leader is definitely Wiggle, with Sir H as his second in command. Their goal is to wake me when I am sleeping after nights. I suspect their tactics have been well planned....

Wiggle stands next to one side of the bed; Sir H is on the other side. He who can reach me the easiest then shoves a cold, wet nose in my face while the other one finds this all terribly amusing and wags their tail, bashing the wall or wardrobe door, therefore making sufficient noise to wake me.

This plan was put into action yesterday but unfortunately for the boys, I was far too tired to wake properly and after several failed attempts, they left me to sleep.

Today, after no doubt spending yesterday evening fine tuning their mission, they succeeded in waking me 3 times - approximately 8am, then again at 10am and lastly at about 2pm at which point, I gave up on sleep and succumbed to their demands and got up.

However, much to their disappointment, they failed to convince me that as I was up it must be dinner time. Instead, we've been for a nice walk and Wiggle has done lots of tennis ball chasing.

This handsome, innocent face in fact is masking the mind of a cunning, devious sleep interrupting hound.....

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