Thursday, 22 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 218

Today Wiggle has 2 more new toys! I'd been over to my parents earlier and my mum had got Wiggle a couple of ball on a rope toys, which Wiggle was very excited about since killing or losing all but one of his other rope & ball toys.

After having to dress in waterproofs due to the horrid weather, we've had a lovely sunny afternoon here in Wiltshire. This morning, it was raining when we went out but we've just had a lovely hour on the Downs.

Wiggle was a happy boy, running around with his new ball on a rope

Sir H, however, wasn't in the mood for walking, let alone running!

Meanwhile, Wiggle was still running

While waiting for me to throw the ball, the wind blew his ear, giving him a rather odd look!

But another gust of wind, and Wiggle's ears were back as they are meant to be, if a little flappy!

Handsome boys:

Sir H did move around a bit - but only to roll in the grass.....

Wiggle didn't have time for rolling, he was far too busy with his toy still

Since getting home, Wiggle has had a bath and is now wrapped up in his dressing gown, waiting for dinner time.

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