Sunday, 4 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 200

Two Hundred Days of Wiggle!!

We've had another cold and frosty day here so the boys have been out across the fields for their walk. I wish I'd taken the camera yesterday as it was sunny but today wasn't so bright.

Wiggle was waiting for me to throw the ball as soon as we got in the field and was soon running around like a loon. Sir H took his usual slower pace.

We did have a bit of a ball disaster - Wiggle lost his ball on a rope! He'd only had this one since Christmas and we're now down to just two tennis balls with ropes. Wiggle does have an extensive collection of tennis balls but the rope ones are better for throwing further. He did spend ages and ages running around and trying to find the ball, but alas, it seems to be lost forever.

Sir H made me laugh when I was trying to get a nice photo of the boys together. The temptation of a treat was clearly too much so he decided not to sit and wait but instead to get as close to me and the camera as he could!

Both boys are in their beds, warm and snug after our chilly walk

Wiggle, Sir H and I would like to make a special mention to lovely Lady, who we met up with in November last year as tomorrow is her first gotcha day

We hope you have a lovely day and get some extra treats!

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