Friday, 9 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 205

The boys are having a quiet couple of days as I went back to work yesterday. They've both been fine though and no doubt sleeping or in Sir H's case, sulking as he's not impressed at being dragged out into the cold, icey weather first thing before I leave the house!

I know I've mentioned previous foster dogs, but the other day I had a sort through old photo's and after a count up, realised that Wiggle was Foster Dog Number 11.

Some fosters have been very short term, others months, but here's who has stayed here over the years:

First, foster was Darcey puppy - back in September 2005, 11 weeks old when she arrived and here for nearly 4 weeks until her new home was ready for her to begin her new life. Her and her sister had been bought from the free-ads but the lady decided a week later they were hard work and gave up both!

Although a 'stayer', Bumpy was officially a Long Term Foster. He was 9 when he arrived, afte 3 months in kennels as no-one wanted a blind dog. As most of you will know, very sadly Bumpy died in April 2008 after losing his battle with cancer.

Then came Honey in April 2006. She only stayed a week as she had severe separation anxiety but went on to find her perfect home:

Next up was Susie - not a Labrador!!! She stayed for a couple of weeks in 2006 as she'd been shut in a shed and needed feeding up but wasn't doing well in kennels. A fortnight of two Labrador's waiting for her to leave her dinner encouraged her to eat!

After Susie left, Tess arrived in May 2006. Like Wiggle, she had a skin condition and stayed for 5 months, got all the veterinary care she needed and went on to a fantastic home. Sadly, she died last summer, aged only 6 years

A week later, the largest Lab I've ever met arrived - Moog, weighing in at 46kgs!! He was originally called Prince but I decided he had a likeness to Moog from Willo The Wisp:

I had a break from fostering for a few months until Poppy2 arrived in February 2007. She was a 'larger lady' and became Poppy2 as I already had my own Poppy!

Only a one night 'foster' but next up was Meg, 5 month old puppy who needed out quickly. She gave us a fun filled night until I could move her onto her new home.

In May 2007, Molly arrived. She was a gorgeous girl, like a minature Lab. Molly had very bad SA but found a wonderful home as a pub dog so has people with her all the time.

While Molly was still here, Connie came into care as she needed a retirement home. Like Bumpy, she only had one eye and knowing we wouldn't have a queue of homes wanting a batty, wobbly 14.5 year old girl, she moved in and spent the last few months of her life here

While Connie was here, Molly went to her new home, Dolly arrived and Poppy sadly passed away so I didn't foster for a while. Connie passed away in September, then Bumpy was diagnosed with cancer late in 2007, Sir H arrived in April 2008 and a few days later Bumpy passed away. Dolly became ill but in June of 2008, I read about a certain baldy, skinny dog and Wiggle arrived:

So, as you can see, we've had a fair variety of dogs staying here!

Some of the fosters were harder to part with than others, I have to say, but being able to offer them a bed when they needed it has been very worthwhile. Of course some of the dogs had their problems, but finding out more about them enabled LRSE&C to find them their perfect new homes.

I know that Wiggle's blog gets many regular readers and maybe some of you have thought you'd like to foster. We always need good foster homes, even if it's just for a night or two when a dog urgently needs a safe place and other times, it can be longer term if a dog needs special care or isn't coping in a kennel environment.

As a foster home, the charity will cover the costs incurred for vet bills etc and provide full support. And best of all, you get to be involved in finding out so much more to enable that dog to find it's perfect forever home!

If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer, please contact your local co-ordinator. Contact details are on our website here:

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