Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 213

Wiggle is very pleased that I have now finished my decorating and DIY activities and the living room is back to normal again. To celebrate, he has re-acquainted himself with his toys as for the last few days, things have been moved around and he's not had space for a good toy-flinging session.

First choice was the blue Kong Wubba, a favourite Christmas present....

Then it was the turn of the lilac Wubba, which Wiggle decided was a better size to roll around with

After he was done rolling, the yellow Air Kong ring was next, for a spot of chewing

Before Wiggle decided to turn his attention to the Nylabone for some more chewing.

After all that play, two walks and his dinner just now, Wiggle is worn out and fast asleep on the sofa!

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