Friday, 16 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 212

Wiggle was a little naughty yesterday - he stole a sock! I'd been painting and managed to stand in a blob of paint on the floor. As I only had socks on my feet, I took the paint splodged sock off and finished off the painting. A little later, while I was tidying up, Wiggle noticed the stock and ran off with it.

Why he decided to steal the sock I have no idea, but Wiggle thought it was very funny and kept on dodging and turning away from me when I tried to extract it from his mouth. I couldn't help but laugh at him - Wiggle has a basket full of toys but for some reason decided that a sock was the best thing ever! After a little wrestling, I retrieved the sock and Wiggle turned his attention to one of his tennis balls.

In other news, I'm having a little fundraiser on the rescue forums - The Refuge and Woof Beginnings - auctioning two very limited edition Wiggle calendars. They are a limited edition as there have only been 3 made; one for me and two calendars to try and raise a few pounds towards Wiggle's ongoing vet bills.

Wiggle is having the Atopica every other day now and despite looking as good as he does, he will need to continue on the drugs for a while yet, so any funds I can raise with these calendar's will be a help.

If any of Wiggle's blog readers would like to place a bid, please email us at

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