Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 196

Yesterday we had a trip over to Llanelli in Wales to visit Fi who runs the rescue where Poppy and Dolly came from. We met up with my friend Sarah and as we were leaving my car at the services, Wiggle and Sir H rode in the back with Flora and Bran.

Fi took in 8 Labradors before Christmas, two adults and 6 pups. All 6 pups - 2 yellow and 4 chocolate came in with very bad mange and are being treated while Katie, the adult girl turned out to be pregnant and the pups due any day very soon.

Wiggle and Sir H had not been to the Barn before but both had a very good time. Wiggle said hello to all the other dogs while Sir H found himself a comfy bed and was soon joined by two of the pups! For one who can be so grumpy, he seemed very happy being a grandfather figure to the little monsters and let them climb over him before they settled and slept.

Here's one of the pups, when they first arrived:

Thankfully, since being in Fi's care, the pups are all getting the treatment they need before they go off to their new homes.

Unfortunately, on the way home Sarah's car broke down and we ended up having to wait by the side of the motorway, west of Cardiff, for the recovery lorry to come and save us. The boys must have wondered how the car was moving, once it was up on the lorry, as we were in the cab of the recovery lorry! After a stop at the services to collect my car, we were home much later than planned but it was lovely to catch up with Fi and get some choccie Lab cuddles.

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