Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 189

Yesterday I met some friends for lunch and took the boys with me. They waited in the car and on the way back we stopped for a lovely walk at Maude Heath. It seemed a fitting thing to do as it was one of Guinness's favourite walking places so it was nice to walk with my boys and enjoy the peace and quiet.

As usual, there was no one else there, well, apart from the cows! Sir H pottered about, sniffing the grass but Wiggle stayed on the long lead as he was showing rather an interest in the cows.

We had a quiet evening, with Wiggle getting plenty of cuddles. Wiggle often lays upside down on the sofa which is fine until he wriggles and I have to cling on to him so he doesn't fall off head first.

After some of his usual wriggling, he eventually decided to adopt a more normal position

I'm not sure whether Wiggle realises that the presents under the tree are mostly for him but he's been good and not touched them. I can't wait til tomorrow when he can open his presents!

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