Saturday, 27 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 192

Wiggle and Sir H were both worn out after yesterdays long walk, swimming and big dinner! After our walk, I put their fleece jumpers on them to keep them warm while they dried off. As it was so cold here last night, they kept them on for their evening walk but not long after we'd come back, Wiggle was almost out for the count!

I knew he must have been very tired as when I went to bed Wiggle didn't even follow me upstairs and do his usual thing of trying to persuade me that he should be on the bed with me.

This morning I came down to find that Wiggle had been a little sick in the night. I suspect a combination of swallowing some cold water in the lake and a big dinner, but he's fine now.

Just after I'd written this entry, Wiggle decided to show how much better he was feeling - by having a mad few minutes with his teddy!

It all started off quite calmly, Wiggle looking handsome in front of the Christmas tree....

But then he noticed his teddy on the floor in front of him

So, Wiggle took his teddy to his bed for a session of energetic chewing

Teddy was flung around a bit

And then Wiggle dived on poor teddy!

Once teddy was back in Wiggle's mouth, more chewing

Before some final flinging about

After which point, for the sake of Wiggle's safety and that of all breakable objects, teddy was removed to a safe hiding place!

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