Monday, 29 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 194

It's been bitterly cold here again today so I wrapped up warm and took the boys off to Coate Water to meet up with Cheryl. She'd only brought Ella today as Lizzie had been a bit poorly so she and HenryNo were staying home.

Ella and my boys had a good run around though and as soon as she sensed water, Ella was off to get wet. Wiggle took a little longer to find the lake but once he found it, he was straight in after his tennis ball.

Sir H plodded into the water to wallow for a while, as he does.

Wiggle was still swimming around after his ball, while Ella skipped around at the edge of the lake.

Wiggle took the long way round, coming out of the water but as usual, was just happy running around!

Back on dry land, Wiggle was still running

While Sir H was taking things at a slower pace

Ella found something interesting to sniff but Wiggle was too busy with his tennis ball

Ella, keeping watch

Wiggle, wanting me to throw the ball, yet again.

We had a really lovely morning, despite the cold and the boys are both worn out, still in their fleece jumpers, sleeping off their mornings activities.

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