Sunday, 28 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 193

Wiggle and Sir H and I have had a very cold walk up on the Downs this afternoon. It was so cold that I didn't take my camera as I didn't want to have to take my hands out of my gloves!

As usual, Wiggle did lots and lots of running, chasing after his tennis ball on a rope. Sir H even ran for a brief moment, but then again, it was going downhill which could have given the illusion of "Sir H at Speed". We met lots of other dogs and one chocolate Labrador who was so carried away running around with Wiggle that she lost her humans, but after I pointed her in the right direction, she soon caught them up.

This evening Wiggle has continued to work his way through the toy basket. If he keeps on flinging his toys around, he will have very few left as the flingable toys end up being removed!

Tomorrow we are meeting up with my friend Cheryl and her dogs Ella, Lizzie and HenryNo. Regular readers of Wiggle's blog will remember that we've walked with Cheryl and her dogs before. I shall brave the cold and take the camera.

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